Litigation – Antitrust
Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law’s antitrust and trade regulation practice is one of the firm's most established areas of concentration.

Today, the firm continues to assist clients in all areas of antitrust law, including claims involving price-fixing, franchises, dealer terminations, monopolies, price discrimination, and mergers and acquisitions. We also have worked with a number of clients regarding compliance issues, criminal investigations and indictments, as well as cases involving ancillary state law claims and RICO. In addition, our working knowledge of intellectual property and unfair competition issues enables our antitrust team to address these issues when needed.

Our antitrust experience in many industries, from health care to telecommunications to consumer products, allows us to grasp quickly the pertinent issues so that we can offer prompt, cost-effective solutions to client problems. In addition, we understand practical business realities and strive to offer real world solutions to client issues while maintaining adherence to the antitrust laws.

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