Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law’s litigation practice is international in scope.
Our litigators have tried major trials in virtually every major first degree and appeal court.
We handle appeals and revisions before the Supreme Court and the Counsel of State. We also represent clients before administrative and arbitral forums and have an active international arbitration practice based primarily in Europe. Furthermore, we represent numerous cases before the European Court of Justice, the European Commission and the European Competition Commission. Last, we represent numerous cases before the European Court of Human Rights.

Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law understands that our litigation clients have different legal and business objectives -- to solve a problem, to right a wrong, to protect a product or reputation, to limit financial exposure, to avoid imprisonment. We work closely with clients to develop a strategy that meets their business needs.

While our lawyers attempt to assist clients in resolving disputes short of litigation if possible, we do have exceptional trial experience and are prepared to proceed to trial when it is the best course of action to meet client objectives.

We also have an active IP Litigation practice.

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