Intellectual Property
As we continue to expand our global presence, Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law remains dedicated to hiring and retaining a diverse team of talented attorneys and staff
committed to serving our clients' needs in Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law intellectualproperty lawyers provide services in every area of intellectual property law, including:

general IP counseling
litigation throughout the world and before the Patent and Trademark Office.
management of trademark, patent, and copyright portfolios
patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution and licensing

Many of our IP lawyers, counsellors and expertises have technical degrees, including degrees in mechanical, chemical, materials, and general engineering, as well as in biology, chemistry, and metallurgy. We have provided IP counseling to Organisations of Collective Administration of author’s rights, companies in the pharmaceutical, aerospace, Internet technology, materials science, insurance, food production, medical equipment and instruments, and telecommunications fields, among many others.

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to multi-task within the broad discipline of intellectual property law. During the course of any given day, it is not unusual for one of our attorneys to draft a motion for a temporary restraining order in a trademark infringement case, negotiate a Web site development agreement, and review due diligence materials for a merger, acquisition, or IPO. On the patent side, our attorneys are busy counseling clients with respect to the development and maintenance of patent portfolios, patent licensing, and related technology transfers; assisting with research and development projects; and providing patent portfolio review and due diligence.
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