Information Technology

As the Internet redefines how daily business is transacted, Prof. Asprogerakas Grivas & Partners in Law attorneys
have been enlisted to help clients wend through a range of technology-related. The signature qualities of the firm, namely outstanding work and depth of talent are demonstrated in a multitude of ways. Old Economy companies vaulting into the e-commerce world seek our advice in connection with complex joint ventures and strategic alliances, trademark, copyright, and patent protection and enforcement programs, privacy, encryption, electronic signatures, co-sponsorships, and marketing agreements. Entrepreneurs routinely seek our guidance for capital start-up strategies, business planning, public offerings, and spin-offs, mergers, and acquisitions.

Our attorneys include acknowledged authorities in computer law, financing, and technology who can provide innovative, yet realistic, solutions. Prof. Asprogerakas Grivas & Partners in Law backs our legal capabilities with a multimillion dollar investment in technology infrastructure and tools that further enhances our ability to respond to client demands. These factors, along with the firm's global presence, allow us to focus our brightest talent on this fast moving, complex, and sometimes uncharted area of the law.
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