Human Rights & Human Rights Litigation

The European Court of Human Rights is an international institution that in certain circumstances can examine complaints from persons claiming that their rights under the European Convention
of Human Rights have been infringed. This convention is an international treaty by which a
large number of European States have agreed to secure certain fundamental rights.The rightsguaranteed are set out in the Convention itself, and also in Protocols Nos. 1, 4, 6 and 7 which only some of the states have accepted.

Considering that the aim of the council of Europe is the achievement of greater unity between its members and that one of the methods by which that aim is to be pursued is the maintenance and further realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms, we reaffirm our profound belief in those fundamental freedoms which are the foundation of justice and peace in the world and are best maintained on the one hand by an effective political democracy and on the other by a common understanding and observance of the human rights upon which we depend.

If you wish to apply to the Court through our company, you must send with the form, your authority for us to act on your behalf. We, in turn, will provide proof of our legal right to represent you. For the purpose of lodging the initial complaint, your representative (if any) does not have to be a lawyer. It should be noted, however, that at a later stage in the proceedings your representative must, in the absence of any special exemption, be an advocate authorized to practice in one of the States that have ratified the Convention. We assure you for our credibility as we are authorized and have full knowledge of the Court’s official languages, English and French.

Applications to the Court cannot be made by phone or by e-mail unless confirmed by ordinary post. However, specific legal purposes can be served better by our coming to Strasbourg in person to state your case orally.

On receipt of the first letter or the application form, the Registry of the Court will reply, telling that a file (whose number must be mentioned in all subsequent correspondence) has been opened in the client’s name. Subsequently, may be asked for further information, documents or particulars of your complaints. On the other hand, the Registry cannot inform the plaintiff about the law of the State against which the complaint is being filed or give legal advice concerning the application and interpretation of national law.

The Court may authorise anonymity in exceptional and duly justified cases.

The Court does not grant legal aid to help plaintiffs pay for a lawyer to draft the initial complaint.

Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law’s litigators consistently have been entrusted with some of European Court’s of Human Rights highest stakes litigation. Our recent work for multinational and international companies against several countries and for numerous breaches of the Human Rights Convention bears this out. The decisions we have reached are mentioned in all relevant Law Revues. Our Criminal Law practice also covers the preparation and filing of the criminal law suits, extended defence litigation, representation of arrested, elimination of property confiscations, arrest warrant issuing, execution of penalties etc.

In brief, all the matters arising in every nature’s human rights case can be scrupulously represented by our firm and it extends to all procedures that may be taken.

Needless to add that the remedies and compensations that the European Court of Human Rights grants to the winning parties are in most cases very significant.

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