Corporate & Financial

Prof. Asprogerakas – Grivas & Partners in Law combines specialized legal expertise with broad and substantial practical experience in order to proffer comprehensive advice in a wide range of
issues concerning both multinational and large local enterprises. We deal with the acquisition, the establishment or the transformation of the business and foremost we continue covering their every day operational and development needs. In this respect we take care of their corporate works including Board of Directors meetings, General Shareholders meetings, amendments of the Articles of Association etc. As well, we offer support to other issues such as contracts, opinions in labour or tax, litigation, permits, criminal cases etc.

Up to now, we have established more than one hundred onshore and offshore corporations, either ‘societes anonymes’ or limited liability companies, while most of our members are either directors and/or secretaries of the Board of many of our clients.

Our services cover a wide range of fields below:
Antitrust Aspects of Marketing
Asset Securitization
Bank financings
Compliance with national and EU
securities laws
Corporate succession planning
Franchise Agreements
Insurance Agency Acquisitions and Operations
Insurance Coverage and Disputes
Intellectual property
Internet commerce agreements
Joint ventures
Licensing of software and other
intellectual property
Mergers and acquisitions
Partnership and Limited Partnership Agreements
Private placements of equity and debt
Public offerings of equity and debt securities
Real estate leasing and acquisitions
Self-insurance Risk Retention
Stock incentive plans
Stock exchange law and stockholder agreements
Supply and distribution agreements
Trusts and Estates
Venture Capital Transactions