Venture Capital Transaction

Our venture capital practice group handles a large volume of venture capital transactions each year, ranging from relatively small "seed rounds" to much larger later stage and pre-IPO
rounds. We regularly advise venture capital investors and technology companies of all sizes on a wide range of matters relating to private equity investments, including preferred stock terms and transaction structuring, protection of intellectual property, employment issues, equity incentives, tax and securities law and regulatory compliance. Our extensive experience in the venture capital marketplace enables us to give our clients valuable, practical advice on what to expect from the parties on the other side of the deal and how to move quickly and efficiently to a closing on the best possible terms.

Transaction Structuring
A venture capital transaction can be structured to accomplish much more than the mere exchange of cash for stock. In the course of negotiating deals, we can help our clients create performance incentives, new management structures, liquidity options, pathways to additional financing and much more -- encouraging all the parties to think ahead and to plan for what happens after the deal is closed. The result is the creation of new opportunities and the avoidance of problems before they arise.

Fund Formation

Our practice also involves the formation of all types of private equity funds, including venture capital funds, small business investment companies, alternative investment funds and hedge funds.
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